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Our Install Process

Our unique and thourough install process separates us from our competition.

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What We Do

Why We Do it

We install all components as required by mechanical code.

Proper code compliance results in a safe and efficient system. Inexperienced installers who don't understand code compliance cause failed inspections and problems down the road.

We leak test with nitrogen after the welding is completed.

This ensures a small leak won’t cause loss of refrigerant over time and lead to costly repairs.

We pull a deep vacuum to below 400 Microns using the latest equipment and techniques. Your new system is state of the art and so you should expect the same of the installation.

This ensures removal of system debilitating moisture that will eventually cause the compressor to break down years later due to acid build up. Special computerized gauges are required for this and even though most installers understand why it’s important, they simply don’t take the time or have the equipment to do it right.

We flush copper lines with R-11.

Flushing the old lines ensures contaminants from old system are cleared out and the refrigerant won't turn acidic. Only a proper flush can do this. R-11 is very expensive and costs can be cut here very easily but flushing with nitrogen and vacuums alone won’t work.

We use new oil in vacuum pumps every time.

The oil in vacuum pumps absorbs moisture which prevents a proper vacuum to be pulled. This is another expense often avoided.

We have dedicated gauges for each refrigerant type.

Mixing refrigerants even in very small amounts results in compressor breakdowns and system problems.

We use computerized gauges to charge

We use computerized gauges to measure sub-cooling and super-heat and to ensure your system’s refrigerant charge is to the manufacturer’s design. This can’t be done with the old gauges any more and most installers won’t purchase a computerized gauge set much less one for each refrigerant type.

We measure static pressure and set blower speed accordingly.

Your system operates under static pressure caused by the fan. Every system has different pressures and the only way to ensure proper air flow is to set the blower up according to the engineering requirements at that pressure. 95% of installers do not understand this principle.

We upgrade outdoor disconnect to a fused disconnect.

By replacing the old disconnects to the outdoor unit with a fused disconnect, we add an additional line of protection to your expensive equipment.

We install two safety float switches on the indoor unit.

Your system removes moisture from the air and drains it out of the house. If the drain lines clog, that water can drain into your walls and ceiling. Two safety switches shuts the system off before it can cause thousands in damage.

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