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Going Solar

Thinking of going solar? It’s a great idea especially if you are an Austin Energy customer.

Solar panels on a home.

First know that new homes have an easier path to the solar rebates than older homes so we may have to address some basic improvements for older homes to get started. Check out our PDF guide on the process.

If you are just considering a solar system let us encourage you to act sooner than later due to the downward trend of rebate and tax credit support. Also Here are our recommendations.

  1. Do your homework. Learn about solar before you jump in and always stay close to the Energy Star Program. There are lots of short term companies in and out of the business for the feeding frenzy and it can result in a poor and costly experience.
  2. Check out 3-5 solar companies and get to know not only their panels but them. Reviews are important.
  3. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more for higher quality. There are plenty of bad stories out there where someone chose the lowest bid but didn’t have a working system 4 months out of the year.
  4. Don’t over educate. We’ve seen customers meet with over 20 solar companies and become overwhelmed.
  5. Drive around and see what’s in your neighborhood. If you see a neighbor with a system, knock on their door and you will likely discover a free guide eager to share their experiences and tips.

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