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Free Home Energy
Efficiency Inspection

Getting ready for pressure testing.

Unless your home is newer than 10 years old, chances are cost-effective improvementts such as weatherization and insulation could greatly improve your home’s efficiency. Our certified energy guy will perform a 20-point inspection to identify areas for improvement and understand your overall energy usage.

Once the inspection is complete, we’ll craft a customized plan for your home that will reduce utility bills, maximize all available rebates, plus add comfort and value to your home. That means you get the biggest value right from the beginning without paying for improvements that really won't have an impact to overall home efficiency or comfort.

You will get an
honest audit and budget friendly recommendations from Energy Guys! Extra bonus: they have impeccable communication, confirmations and followups.

— Jessica H., recent customer

Our 20-point inspection includes

  1. Check the air leakage through doors
  2. Check the air leakage through windows
  3. Look for low-E coating presence on windows
  4. Check the air leakage through attic accesses
  5. Check the air leakage through plumbing penetrations
  6. Inspect AC system supply side ducting
  7. Inspect AC system return side ducting
  8. Check the air leakage through recessed can lights
  9. Verify the age of the AC system(s)
  10. Inspect the condition of the AC system(s)
  11. Check the sizing of the AC system(s)
  12. Verify proper drainage from AC system(s)
  13. Inspect AC safety controls for flood damage
  14. Inspect ducting design for efficiency and balance
  15. Look for sun exposure opportunities
  16. Verify insulation rating and quality
  17. Inspect insulation in external walls
  18. Inspect unsealed internal cavities
  19. Check for proper combustion air for appliances
  20. Confirm energy efficiency of appliances

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