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Air Sealing & Weatherization

Our average customer saves $300-$500 a year on this measure alone!

Sealing ducts to reduce wasted energy

The average home wastes 23% of it's air conditioning through windows, doors, and ducting. We fix that. This is also where most rebate programs offer the most money to help you cover the cost. Up to 80%!

The single most important and often
the cheapest upgrade you can make is to Air Seal & Weatherize your home.

AC System &

Your AC system should be sealed so it doesn't allow the air to leak out and it doesn't pull air in through seems and holes. This often results in you paying to cool your attic and pulling that hot dirty air into your home. Energy Guys will pressure test your system and seal it up to the highest efficiency possible.

Windows & Weather Stripping

Small cracks add up to large amounts of wasted energy and conditioned air. Energy guys will seal the leaks around your windows and replace the weather stripping on your doors to eliminate those drafts.

Plumbing Seals

An often overlooked point of air leakage is plumbing seals where the plumbing penetrates the homes envelope. Sealing these up properly not only has energy efficiency and comfort improvements but it also helps stop those pests from crawling into the home.

Attic Access

The attic access is just like a door to the outside but we often neglect to seal them properly. Weather stripping these is critical to stopping that attic air from leaking into the home.

Blower Door

Pressure testing is critical when you are air sealing your home. By pressurizing your home, Energy Guys will be able to measure and show you exactly how much waste is occurring and where. It's also important to trust only a professional with this because you can tighten a home up too tight and that is a major health issue.

Duct Blaster

Pressure testing your heating and cooling system is the only way to know the condition of your systems air leakage. This allows our professionally trained technicians to measure exactly how much air is being wasted and it's our method to knowing exactly when we have done our job right.